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Supervised Access Visits and Transfers

Bleau Associates Inc. supervises visits with children/youth and their non-custodial parents (or other relatives) at our Supervised Access Centre or in the community.  We also supervise transfers, that is, when one parent (or caregiver) drops off a child and the other picks up the child. 

Supervised visits may reduce the stress a child and family experiences by providing a neutral conflict-free atmosphere where parent and child can have positive contact.

Also, supervised access can help to address a number of concerns. For example: there may be concerns about the safety of a child or parent; the visiting parent may have a drug or alcohol problem or challenges with mental health; there may have been a lengthy separation between the parent and child; or there may be a risk of abduction.


Therapeutic Access Visits

We also offer therapeutic access services to those families who would benefit from receiving guidance, assistance and interventions with parenting techniques for the purpose of enhancing the parent-child relationship and ensuring the child(ren)’s best interests are met.

Parenting Coordination

We help parents who have separated or divorced implement their parenting plan by developing

methods to improve communication and resolve disputes.